Support us

In January 2009 the school in Nong Ook received support from Active Social Responsibility (see details below), a charity formed by Dr. Brian Bauerle and sustained by 6 kind and generous families.

Thanks to their commitment we can cover the majority of the school running costs (such as learning material, personal equipment, basic healthcare and food) and are able to secure a long term support for the children.

Children need your help

The needs of the children, including those staying at the safe house, are huge, especially in term of medical assistance and skills/capabilities development. We therefore count on the generosity and help of private individuals and organizations that care about child rights promotion.

We thank you for helping us give hope for a better life to impoverished and disadvantaged children by supporting the school with financials means, equipment or clothes.

Individuals, organizations and/or institutions willing to support our project are encouraged to contact the school administrators to establish detailed support terms.

Active Social Responsibility

Active Social Responsibility is to take the idea of giving back to others in need, and broaden it to include active participation of the sponsors in the growth and development of the area and/or people in need.

To donate and give money is a fantastic thing to do, but it does not necessarily connect us with the transformation that can happen when we actively become involved and intimately familiar with a tragic situation.

We want to create an environment where people who are sponsors and donors have an active personal involvement with people in need, that leads to a mutual healing and transformation for all parties (donors and recipients).